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Cure Jambes Légères


Deeply combat the sensation of heavy legs, the unsightly appearance of cellulite, and circulatory problems.

20 treatments / 5 days
From : 789 €
( Without accommodation )
Secured payment
30% of deposit

Description of the cure

Our cure for light legs effectively relieves heavy, swollen legs. Activate your circulation during a stay in thalassotherapy and visibly reduce cellulite.

Thalasso uses marine elements to combat circulatory problems. After a thalassotherapy treatment, you'll leave feeling truly light. The sensation of well-being is unique!

Contents of the cure for light legs:

15 targeted treatments:

5 collective dynamic marine treatments:

  • Marine Gymnastics
  • Submarine Jets

Benefits of the cure

  • Reduced swelling in legs
  • Lighter legs
  • Activates circulation
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Reduces the appearance of orange peel skin
  • Relieves leg pain

Our thalasso expertise

Seawater treatments provide an important source of trace elements. Côté Thalasso's thalassotherapists respect the marine elements, making their treatments even more effective. These active ingredients pass through the skin barrier for immediate results.

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