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douche à jet

Douche à jet

A general hydromassage of the body, invigorating, relaxing and draining.

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Description of treatment.

The jet shower is particularly used in slimming cures. Indeed, the jet is localized on the parts of the body where there are fatty layers such as saddlebags, thighs, or belly. Similar to lymphatic drainage, the jet shower shapes the silhouette by mobilizing fat.

Benefits of care

The effects of the jet shower depend on the temperature of the water, the rhythm, and the type of the jet (flat, broken, etc.):

- Toning
- Draining
- Soothing

Our thalasso treatment expertise

The jet shower is practiced by the hydrotherapist. The jet of sea water is projected, about five meters away. The professional begins with a "general awakening" by giving a jet all over the body, then "massage" according to the chosen protocol. The power is variable and adapted according to the people (approximately 3 kg of pressure). The average temperature is 36°.

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