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Hydromassage sous-marin

Carried out by a thalassotherapist for a draining and relaxing purpose, combined with a hydromassage bath.

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The hydromassage bath with marine crystals is a relaxing and massaging treatment, performed in a hydrojet bath by a hydrotherapist. A general body massage to let go and fully relax.

Marine crystals and seawater regenerate tissues and remineralize the body.

Benefits of care

  • relaxing
  • calming
  • muscle relaxation
  • joint relaxation
  • sedative effect: relaxation

Our thalasso treatment expertise

A hydro massage time (12 minutes) with a general body massage with a jet directed by the hydrotherapist, providing effects of muscle and joint relaxation. A relaxing and calming treatment.

An aerobath time (13 minutes) with fixed jets with straight, inclined, or fan nozzles. The jets are programmed in sequences.

Remineralizing effect is guaranteed by absorption of marine elements through breathing (marine aerosols) and by passage through the skin.

Duration: 25 mins

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