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Application of strips soaked in a solution based on seawater, camphor and menthol which stimulates blood circulation and relieves heavy legs.

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Description of the treatment

The cold therapy by Côté Thalasso relieves heavy and swollen legs. This treatment consists of the application of strips on the legs to stimulate venous circulation.

A solution based on seawater, camphor, and menthol composes the preparation of the applied strips.

Frigitherapy also treats the subcutaneous fatty layers. The orange peel fades; it is a slimming solution par excellence.

Benefits of care

  • stimulates blood circulation
  • soothes heavy legs
  • deflates the legs
  • slimming effect
  • cellulite reduction, orange peel effect

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist applies cold Velpeau strips (4 degrees) impregnated with a cryogenic lotion in the lower limbs.

Frigitherapy promotes venous and lymphatic circulation back. The constriction of the superficial blood vessels of the lower limbs brings an immediate sensation of lightness to heavy legs.

Duration: 25 mins 

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