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Pressothérapie (bottes)

Promotes venous and lymphatic circulation of the lower limbs, for an immediate feeling of lightness!

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Description of the treatment

The pressotherapy in boots by Côté Thalasso helps relieve heavy and swollen legs . It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation for light legs. The legs are placed in boots composed of chambers that inflate in turn, providing controlled, painless compression.

The feeling of lightness is immediate!


  • Edema of the lower limbs
  • Prevention of thrombosis, sequelae of phlebitis
  • Heavy legs
  • Circulatory problems, venous return

Benefits of care

  • relieves heavy legs
  • deflated legs
  • decongestion of tissues, resulting in a few centimeters saved
  • stimulates circulation

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Undergoing Pressotherapy sessions helps compensate for venous insufficiency and revitalize the lymphatic system . The lower limbs are placed in multi-chamber boots composed of cells that inflate one after the other, from the foot to the thigh. This sequential pneumatic compression aims to move the liquids contained in the tissues of the lower limbs, from the feet to the root of the limb.

Duration: 25 mins 

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