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Cure Bien-être


A moment of deep relaxation for body and mind.

20 treatments / 5 days
From : 649 €
( Without accommodation )
Secured payment
30% of deposit

Cure description

Our well-being cure combines thalassotherapy treatments renowned for soothing both body and mind. As a result, our guests emerge truly relaxed and pampered. Complete relaxation!

Ideal for tired, tense people whose bodies need recharging. If your body is asking you to take care of it, why not opt for a cure bien-être?

Contents of the cure bien-être :

15 thalasso treatments :

5 soins dynamiques marins collectifs :

  • Gymnastique marine
  • Jets sous-marins

Treatment benefits

  • Relaxation
  • Well-being
  • Relaxation
  • Anti-stress
  • Restful
  • Better quality of sleep

Our thalasso expertise

Seawater treatments provide an important source of trace elements. Côté Thalasso's thalassotherapists respect the elements of the sea, making their treatments even more effective.

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