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Hydrojet - 12 min

Enjoy a unique moment of extreme relaxation, without undressing or disheveling your hair, lying on a mattress filled with water. Massage of specific areas with different types of jets to relieve pain, improve circulation, treat cellulite...

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Description of the treatment

The hydrojet session by Côté Thalasso allows you to enjoy a water massage without getting wet (without undressing or combing your hair).

The patient lies down on a mattress filled with water at 36°, jets are directed precisely on the body, to massage the body from head to toe.

The intensity, areas, and type of jets (reproducing touches, palpating/rolling, etc.) are programmed and can be modified as desired, depending on needs or pathologies.

The hydrojet massage relaxes the muscles and joints, providing relief from body pain. It also helps activate blood circulation.

Benefits of care

  • Reduction of mental and muscular fatigue
  • Anti-stress
  • Reduction of back & neck pain
  • Fight against cramps, circulatory disorders (heavy legs)
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduction of joint pain (osteoarthritis, rheumatism)
  • Boosts blood circulation and reduces cellulite

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist listens to the needs of the client, adjusts the intensity of the jets as well as the targeted areas.

It also selects the types of jets reproducing the gestures of a manual massage: light touches, palpate-roll...

Duration: 12 mins

Also available in 20 min

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