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Massage sous pluie marine - 12min

Full body massage under a ramp diffusing a fine rain of warm seawater. A particularly soothing and relaxing moment, a real regenerating letting go.

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Description of the treatment

The undersea marine rain massage is a full body massage, carried out under a warm sea water rain at 36°.

Our thalassotherapist manually performs this massage for a genuine moment of relaxation.

The spa guest benefits from all the benefits of marine elements in contact with the skin (trace elements).

Benefits of the treatment

  • body and mind relaxation
  • letting go
  • relaxation
  • muscle relaxation: decontracting

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Made up of gentle maneuvers, effleurages, and sliding pressures.

The therapist emphasizes more precisely the feet, neck, and abdomen areas for relaxation. As well as on the paravertebral muscles of the lumbar region and the back of the thighs for a decontracting action.

Duration: 12 mins

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