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Sensolyse minceur

Plates emitting ultrasound are placed on the skin in order to reduce cellulite and the orange peel effect. Promotes microcirculation.

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Description of the treatment

The slimming sensolysis by Côté Thalasso is a slimming treatment, acts on the cellulite and the Orange peel . Ultrasound stimulates the microcirculation . Plates that emit ultrasound are placed on the skin to be treated (using a medical contact gel): stomach, thighs, buttocks.

The ultrasounds act with a low frequency on a depth of 4 to 6 cm and mobilize and dissociate the cells engorged with fat, under the skin. This action through the tissues associated with their thermal effect promotes microcirculation . Sensolysis thus makes it possible to reduce cellulite And reduce orange peel , firming and toning the tissues.

Benefits of care

  • slimming
  • decreases cellulite
  • reduction of the orange peel effect
  • reduction in waist, hips, buttocks

Our thalasso treatment expertise

The slimming sensolysis treatment is carried out by a thalassotherapist trained in this technique.

The use of ultrasonic plates is painless.

Duration: 25 mins

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