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Séance d'oxygénation

Boosts immunity by increasing cellular oxygenation in a 1.3 bar chamber.

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Description of the treatment

There oxygenation session in a hyperbaric chamber is an exclusive Côté Thalasso. Lying in a soft box , healing is all about relaxing and breathing! Although the goal of oxygenation is to “ clean up ", of boost the immune system and to stimulate all the cells of the body (facilitates the healing of damaged tissues, limits bacterial proliferation), the inhalation of oxygen also has a certain number of therapeutic virtues, O2 makes it possible to: Reduce fatigue and recover as much as possible during daily physical and sporting efforts, From increase sports performance thanks to the strengthening of cellular metabolism Increase concentration and memory; Reduce migraines in particular by relieving the pain felt; Improve the sleep quality allowing recovery and regeneration; Calm irritability; Increase athletic performance through enhanced cellular metabolism; Reduce stress .

Benefits of care

  • improves sleep quality
  • reduces migraines
  • reduces stress
  • eases tension
  • boosts metabolism
  • boosts immunity

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist accompanies the client to lie him down in the hyperbaric chamber and ensures that he is well settled there.

When the chamber closes, the oxygen concentration increases sharply to regenerate the body's cells.

Duration: 25 mins

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