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Plénitude (lit de flottaison) avec séance audio de sophrologie

Lying on a bed of hot water (without undressing or getting wet), live the experience of weightlessness for total letting go.

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Description of the treatment

The treatment Fulfillment on flotation bed by Côté Thalasso offers a pure moment of relaxation anti-stress . Accompanied by a sophrology audio session , the client can let go and relax completely.

The patient is lying down (dry, without undressing, without getting wet) on a hot water bed at a comfortable temperature (36°) and covered with a blanket.

Thus in weightlessness, the muscles relax completely, the spine relaxes and the joints no longer have any constraint.

The slightly cradled body surrenders, while giving free rein to the imagination. An audio sophro-relaxation session is offered for optimal relaxation of body and mind.

Relieves muscle and joint pain, improves problems related to stress .

Benefits of care

  • muscle relaxation
  • relaxation, stress relief
  • feeling of lightness of body and mind
  • relieves muscle and joint pain
  • anti stress

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our flotation beds allow you to perform a session in complete comfort, accompanied by a sophrology guide to truly let your mind go.

Duration: 20 mins 

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