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Massage suédois - 55 min

A complete tonic massage based on the physiological principles of Western medicine. Destressing, it acts on the nervous system.

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Description of the treatment

THE swedish massage by Côté Thalasso is a tonic massage for the entire body. A de-stressing and relaxing massage that acts on the nervous system.

This body massage is performed on the posterior and anterior face, the face and the bust.

Its toning and relaxing effect promotes blood and lymph circulation and the elimination of toxins, and helps the body regain its natural balance.

This massage is a great anti stress because it helps the body to regain its natural balance by acting on the nervous system.

Benefits of care

  • relaxation
  • anti stress
  • detox
  • promotes blood and lymphatic circulation
  • invigorating

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist uses a deep massage technique that includes several maneuvers: effleurage, kneading, friction, percussion, and vibration. When executed in a specific order, they create effects on the muscles and the joints similar to those obtained by gymnastics.

The massage maneuvers take into account the breathing of the curist.

Duration: 55 mins

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