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Massage minceur express aux perles amincissantes

Complete all-in-one slimming treatment immediate effectiveness: the action of slimming and exfoliating pearls combined with 6 manual techniques make it possible to obtain visible slimming effects from the first session.

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Description of the treatment

The express slimming massage with slimming pearls is a true slimming innovation. It is a complete all-in-one treatment immediate effectiveness in just 25 minutes!

Turquoise marine pearls roll and literally melt on the skin to deliver their precious content. They act at two levels: exfoliation And dimpling reduction .

The exfoliating phase prepares the skin and makes it more receptive by activating the microcirculation . The slimming active ingredients are then released during a deep massage and tonic for a targeted action stomach-thighs-buttocks .

Benefits of care

  • slimming
  • boosts microcirculation
  • reduces cellulite and orange peel skin
  • smooth the skin

Proven effectiveness ! Measurements taken after a single 25 min session:

Size: up to -2cm
Hips: up to -4cm
Knee: up to -2.5cm

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist performs frictions, deep kneading, palpating/rolling, lifting, effleurages and smoothing. 

This slimming treatment requires no shower or rinsing.

Customer satisfaction :

  • Toned body: 100%
  • Decongested body: 95%
  • Decongested tissues: 89%
  • Venous and lymphatic circulation activated: 94%
  • Lighter silhouette: 83%
  • Contoured silhouette: 71%

Duration: 25 mins 

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