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Massage future maman

A moment of perfect symbiosis with the baby which relieves the tensions linked to pregnancy (lower back pain and circulation problems).

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Description of the treatment

The mom-to-be massage by Côté Thalasso is a massage for pregnant women that relieves pregnancy-related tensions.

A genuine moment of perfect symbiosis with the baby to alleviate lower back pains and circulation issues. Done with natural oils without essential oils.

This is a care for the future mother in her entirety, both physically and psychologically, during this emotionally intense period.

The massage rocks the baby in its amniotic fluid. The ability to perceive and react is present throughout the massage, and the mother's emotional state is checked to "accompany" this massage in the best way possible.

Benefits of care

  • soothes the pains of pregnant women
  • improves venous circulation
  • relieves heavy legs during pregnancy
  • relaxation for both the mom and the baby
  • connection with the baby

Our thalasso treatment expertise

The techniques used by our hydrotherapist ( effleurage, smoothing, light stretching ) relieve muscular tensions, particularly lumbar tensions related to pregnancy, and improve the return circulation of the lower limbs.

Duration: 40 mins

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