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Massage californien

A complete massage of the body and face, from the face to the toes, made with slow, precise and enveloping gestures, for physical and mental recovery.

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Description of the treatment

THE Californian massage by Côté Thalasso is a full body and face massage.

It relaxes deeply, releases tension for a real moment of well-being and letting go.

The relaxing effect is felt on both the body and the mind.

The therapist's movements, never painful, are fluid and truly envelop the client's body.

Benefits of care

  • relaxation
  • destressing
  • soothes tension in the body and mind
  • relaxes the face

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist performs an alternation of light and smoothing maneuvers, with more in-depth movements and then light and progressive stretching.

For a deep relaxation, as well muscular that mental or emotional.

You can request the use of marine magnesium oil (supplement of 3€).

Duration: 55 mins  

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