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L'instant Masculin - Thalion

A treatment that meets all the needs of Men (hydration, nutrition, anti-wrinkles and purity).

105 €
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Description of the treatment

THE Instant Masculine facial treatment by Côté Thalasso is done with French cosmetics Thalion.

This treatment treats all the needs of Men (hydration, nutrition, anti-wrinkle, purity).

There skin is energized, clearer, clearer, features are refreshed .

After a diagnosis of the skin, the beautician provides a tailor-made solution for male skin.

Cleansing, Detox scrub with Guérande mud, Facial massage, Mask and application of a day cream.

Benefits of care

  • radiant complexion
  • glowing skin
  • plumped skin
  • relaxed facial features
  • soft skin

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Côté Thalasso has chosen French Thalion cosmetics, recognized for their composition and effectiveness. We find the marine elements and their benefits.

Our thalassotherapist applies cosmetic products in precise gestures, increasing their effectiveness tenfold.

Duration: 55 mins 

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