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Hydromassage sous pluie marine - 25min

A gentle hydromassage lying under a shower of warm seawater, a moment of pure relaxation.

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Description of the treatment

Lying under a shower of warm seawater, our thalassotherapist performs a body massage with a spray of seawater (lance) at body temperature. Rain and shower temperature at 37°.

Benefits of care

  • soothes muscle tension
  • free the mind
  • let go

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Throughout the treatment, a gentle pressure of water from the ramp (rain) and the lance (sheaf), the gestures are slow in order to achieve the desired relaxation effect: real (hydro) massage of relaxation whose objective first is to facilitate a relaxation of muscular and psychic tensions.

25 mins: 2 sides of the body + rain (12 minutes)

Also available in 12min

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