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Enveloppement poudré au coton aux actifs marins

Envelopment of a creamy foam of marine active ingredients for hydrated, supple and subtly scented skin.

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Description of the treatment

The care powder wrap with cotton with marine active ingredients consists of body wrap in a creamy foam of marine active ingredients, delicately scented (jasmine and citrus).

This wrap has a relaxing effect, it soothes the body and mind.

Beauty results:

  • The skin is hydrated, supple, and subtly scented
  • The skin is gently soothed
  • Ideal for dehydrated and damaged skin looking for comfort and softness

Benefits of care

  • relaxing
  • soothing
  • hydrated skin
  • soft skin

Our thalasso treatment expertise

The products used are 100% natural, without preservatives.

Composition of marine active ingredients:

  • trace source: Exclusive marine active ingredient rich in minerals and oligo-saccharides chosen for its soothing and moisturizing power
  • Aloe Vera: Very good for nourishing and moisturizing the skin, this extract is also a very good anti-inflammatory and skin stimulant
  • Cotton: True natural source of cellulose with moisturizing and soothing properties

Duration: 25 mins

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