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Enveloppement d'algues minceur

Application of an algae-based paste promoting the elimination of toxins and the firmness of the tissues.

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Description of the treatment

The body is covered with a preparation based on 100% fresh seaweed. Mixed with local seawater, drawn from the thalassotherapy centre.

A thalasso preparation specially designed to obtain a slimming effect.

A warm blanket is then placed over the whole body to deliver all the benefits of marine active ingredients.

Benefits of care

  • slimming
  • tissue firmness
  • detox
  • strengthens immunity
  • mineralization, for the maintenance of bone capital

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Use of 100% fresh seaweed. Mixed on site with seawater that has just been drawn from the coast of our thalassotherapy centre. Prepared at the time of the treatment (extemporaneous), without preservatives or any chemical product, in order to preserve all the benefits.

This creamy paste thus reconstituted is heated in a bain-marie so as not to alter the elements that make it up to 37°.

This paste is spread on the body by hand.

The body is wrapped in an electric blanket.

The skin absorbs the major active ingredients present in this paste.

At the same time, under the effect of the heat due to the wrapping, the toxins which asphyxiate the body are released through the pores of the epidermis. The body is recharged with vitamins, rid of its impurities, and the skin in contact with the mud becomes softer.

Duration: 25 mins

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