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Douceur et sérénité

A body scrub, a cotton powder wrap with marine active ingredients and a body massage.

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Description of the treatment

THE gentle care and serenity by Côté Thalasso brings together a powder wrap, a body scrub, and one full body massage.

The sea salt body scrub removes dead skin and activates microcirculation.

Then the wrap of the body in a creamy and delicately scented foam, perfectly moisturizes the skin. This is soothed, you find a unique skin comfort.

Finally, the body massage completes this moment of relaxation. Make way for relaxation and letting go, with muscle relaxation all over the body.

Benefits of care

  • relaxation
  • relaxation
  • soft skin, like new
  • hydrated skin
  • activates microcirculation

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist perfectly masters the gestures of an effective exfoliation, respectful of your skin. As well as those of a massage soothing muscle tension.

Use of 100% natural products, without preservatives.

Duration: 85 mins

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