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The dermotonia treatment technique (with Skintonic) acts both on muscle and joint pain and to fight against the orange peel appearance of cellulite.

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Description of the treatment

The dermostructure treatment consists of a session of DERMOTONIA. This makes it possible to develop an adapted and individualized treatment with physiological effects obtained thanks to the suction action (inspired by the ancestral cupping) which, improved by modern depresso-massage technology, will activate and optimize care.

2 indications, 2 directions:

  • Muscle and joint pain: the disturbance of a muscle, a joint, or a ligament leads to a modification of a cutaneous territory, easily detectable by a manual or mechanical rolling massage. This treatment specifically directed by the thalassotherapist will relieve pain from the very first minutes.
  • Aesthetic cellulite or "orange peel skin" is a modification of the skin linked to a deposit of subcutaneous fat. This depresso-massage treatment and lymphatic drainage will dislodge fatty deposits and refine the silhouette.

Benefits of care

  • slimming effect
  • cellulite reduction, orange peel skin
  • decrease in muscle pain
  • against joint pain

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Our thalassotherapist, specifically trained in the use of the dermotonia device, adapts his actions according to the effects sought by the client.

A unique and personalized treatment.

Duration: 55 mins 

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