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Boule marine au Magnésium Marin

Kneading of a mixture of seaweed and sea mud to relieve joint pain in the hands.

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Description of the treatment

In a specific container, the curist kneads with his hands a mixture of mud and seaweed to relieve the hand joint pain.

Marine active ingredients penetrate the skin during this thalassotherapy treatment 100% natural.

Benefits of care

  • Limit joint pain
  • Relaxing
  • Remineralizing


  • osteoarthritis, main indication
  • all joint pathologies
  • rheumatism outside periods of acute flare-ups

Our thalasso treatment expertise

Preparation based on sea mud and seawater drawn from the coast of our thalassotherapy centre. Prepared at the time of treatment (extemporaneous), without preservatives or chemicals.

This thick and unctuous paste thus reconstituted is heated in a bain-marie so as not to alter the elements that compose it up to 37°.

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