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Stay 1 night and more

Compose your own customized stay, by choosing the number of 3-care cocktail(s):

  • 1 night: minimum 1 cocktail per room
  • 2 nights: minimum 2 cocktails per room
  • 3 nights: minimum 3 cocktails per room
  • 4 nights: minimum 4 cocktails per room
  • 5 nights: minimum 5 cocktails per room

Access to the marine fitness area included

1 et + days
From : 235 €
Secured payment
30% of deposit

Description of thalasso stay

Depending on the number of night(s) you wish to spend, compose your customized stay with the following cocktails:

- DÉCOUVERTE Hydromassage bath, marine rain shower massage (25min), remineralizing algae wrap - €135

- THALASSO Underwater hydromassage, jet shower, remineralizing algae wrap - €135

HAMMAM Private hammam with mint tea, body scrub, and body massage (25 min) - €135

- ORIENTAL Ghassoul wrap, marine rain shower massage (25 min), scented hydromassage bath with jasmine essences - €135

CIRCULATOIRE Circulatory jet shower, light leg massage, cryotherapy - €135

Mediterranean salt scrub, marine rain shower massage (25 min), scented hydromassage bath with citrus essences  - €149

Depresso massage, draining jet shower, slimming algae wrap - €139

- ADO Body scrub, express facial beauty treatment, hydromassage bath - €165

FUTURE MAMAN Expectant mother massage (25 min), hydrojet (12 min), underwater hydromassage - €155

- BEAUTÉ Body scrub, cotton powder wrap with marine actives, express facial beauty treatment - €175

Pijat Kepala massage, feet and hands massage, belly harmony massage - €159

 Baby care, Swedish back massage with marine magnesium oil, remineralizing algae wrap - €159

Pijat Kepala massage, hydromassage bath with marine crystals, Californian massage - €185

 Californian massage with marine magnesium oil, marine rain shower massage with marine magnesium oil (25 min), marine mud wrap - €185

MASCULIN Body scrub, jet shower, Californian massage - €189

 Ghassoul wrap, Pijat Kepala massage, abhyanga massage - €185

The benefits of your thalasso stay

You will have all-day access to our marine fitness area: heated indoor and outdoor seawater pool, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, and herbal tea room. Loan of sandals and bathrobe included.

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